Construction Album: Birch Condominium Building

Plumbing After Foundation
BUILD FACT: The underground plumbing pipes are put in after the foundation walls but before the concrete floor!
Time to Pour the Concrete Floor
BUILD FACT: The wire mesh gives added strength to the concrete floor.
Finished Concrete Floor
BUILD FACT: The floor is "poured" at one time from big trucks through chutes to make the floor for the whole building.
The First Two Wall Frames
BUILD FACT: The front and back frames for one ground floor home are the first to be put up.
Every Other Unit
BUILD FACT: No, they did not forget about the other homes, the wall frames are built for every other home since they share common fire walls!
Fire Wall
BUILD FACT: The fire wall in between each home helps prevent a fire in your neighbor's house from spreading to yours!
Building from the Ground Up
BUILD FACT: After the Jefferson homes have their framing done, the framing for the Madison ground floor begins; here the 2nd story is the start of the Madison.
3rd Floor Framing
BUILD FACT: Building every other home the top floor of the Madison homes rise up!
BUILD FACT: The roof is the last part of a house to get framed.
Windows and Doors
BUILD FACT: After the framing is done the windows and doors get installed.
Framed Building
BUILD FACT: This framed building contains 16 homes. Amazing!
Framed Plumbing
BUILD FACT: After Framing, plumbing in the walls is the first step to the interior "mechanical" construction of your home.
BUILD FACT: More Pipes in the walls!
Family Room
BUILD FACT: I spy the steps to the third floor of the Madison, from what will be a family room!
Inside the ceiling
BUILD FACT: HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes, gas pipes, fire protection sprinkler pipes, and electric wires all "live" next to each other in harmony.
What's in a Wall?
BUILD FACT: The plumbers and electricians have installed wires and pipes.
Tub and Shower
BUILD FACT: The tub and shower wall assembly are installed prior to sheetrock.
Getting Ready for Exterior Siding
BUILD FACT: Before the siding goes on, electrical meter boxes and pipes for gas meters (lower level) are installed, followed by Tyvek building wrap. Tyvek helps keep moisture out and reduces air leaks.
Beauty and Weatherproofing
BUILD FACT: After the Tyvek building wrap goes on, the siding is applied. Siding completes the beautify and weatherproofing of each home.
Wood Framed Stairs to 2nd Floor of the Madison Model
BUILD FACT: Wood "studs" create the "frame" for the walls and the stairs.
Mechanicals in the Wood Frame Floor Trusses
BUILD FACT: The floor trusses (are also roof trusses for room below) serve 2 purposes: structural frame and location for fire sprinkler, heating/air conditioning ducts, plumbing pipes, & blue/red water lines.
Pink Insulation in the Walls
BUILD FACT: Exterior walls are packed between wood studs with insulation which helps keep your home cozy.
Pink Insulation Everywhere
BUILD FACT: Even the stairway to the Madison Model next to the Jefferson Model is packed with insulation and the studs sealed with white caulking to reduce sound transmission and increase temperature comfort.
Insulation in the Jefferson Model Ceiling
BUILD FACT: The Jefferson Model on the 1st floor receives deep insulation in the ceiling to protect against excessive sound from the Madison Model above and for air temperature control.
Sheetrocked Walls
BUILD FACT: After insulation, sheetrock is applied to create smooth walls for paint. White marks are spackle to smooth the joints of sheetrock boards and cover mounting nails and screws.
Sheetrock Around Stairs
BUILD FACT: These stairs which were framed-out with studs now take on a more finished look with the application of sheetrock.
Kitchen is Sheetrocked
BUILD FACT: The sheetrocked walls go in before cabinets and tile floor. Cut-outs are for electric plugs.
Wood Trim and First Coat of Paint
BUILD FACT: After sheetrock, wood trim along the base of the wall at the floor and elsewhere is installed and then a first coat of paint applied. Cut-outs are for electric switches & plugs.
Closets Trimmed and Painted
BUILD FACT: After sheetrock is sanded and smoothed, the wood trim around closet doors and elsewhere is applied & a first coat of paint put on.